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USA Office

Name EYELA U.S.A. branch office
Established July 12th 2005
Number of employees worldwide 500
Address 155 Keyland Court Bohemia, NY 11716
Phone/Fax Toll Free: 888-693-9352 Phone :631-750-6236 Fax : 631-750-6237
  1. Marketing & Manufacturing Lab equipment
  2. Laboratory glassware production of any kinds
  3. OEM, your brand name production
  4. Customizing EYELA products from small (1) to large quantities
  5. Customer service of keeping old units in shape or running
  6. Lab substitute working from your sample trial to researching
  7. Machine design & fabrication for any lab needs & scale-up
EYELA flagship products
  1. Various evaporators as well as rotary evaporators
  2. Circulate chillers
  3. Vacuum pumps
  4. Various baths
  5. Synthesizers
  6. Lyophilizers (Freeze dryer)
  7. Spray dryers
  8. Incubators
  9. Ovens etc…
EYELA User NIH (National Institutes of Health) / MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) / Pfizer / NASA / Johns Hopkins University / Columbia University / Harvard University / University of Pennsylvania / University of Notre Dame / University of California / etc.

EYELA profile

Since EYELA was founded in 1955, we have kept expanding our profession as an exclusive laboratory manufacturer.
EYELA has contributed to the world on the basis of our motto that “We dedicate ourselves to helping advance scientific technology through suppling advanced laboratory instruments.” from our foundation.
Although EYELA started from a wholesaler, EYELA commercialized “Vacuum stirrer” which had promoted polymerizing reaction remarkably in  prevalent textile industry in those days from 1967 and we had shift our profession to a manufacturer.  Also, a rotary evaporator which is required when chemical compound is concentrated, was developed and launched for sale.
After that, prior to other lab suppliers, we opened technical center where we have devoted ourselves to technical development exclusively.  EYELA is an extensive laboratory manufacturer from self-developing to manufacturing and selling the thirteen category products such as concentrators, refineries, stirrers, peristatic pumps, high & low temperature incubators, freeze dryers, shakers etc.

In 1982, we built a factory based on MRP system of industrial engineering. This EYELA factory fully covers from machining to the final assembly. Thanks to up-to-date factory, production has run efficiently and quality has been stabilized consistently.
Since laboratory instruments are needed in wide variety items in small quantity and EYELA production had been standardized in this way according to the needs by TQC, high quality production and quick lead time have been accomplished. Also, ISO9001 was certified faster among laboratory suppliers in 1994. It had helped us to establish production system which have led to high customer satisfaction.

  • Shanghai factory

In 2002, another factory came into operation in Shanghai and it has granted EYELA opportunity to embrace new task of global supplying.

  • Space shuttle “Endeavour”

In 1986, EYELA opened Bio Development research laboratory. EYELA participated in functional peptide researching which was research of non-blood serum culture medium for fertilized cattle egg as a theme in 1988, and developed cell culture apparatus which was delivered to JAXA (=Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency) for experiment on board space shuttle “Endeavour”.

Also, in 1994, many synthesis machines were completed and shipped toward combinatorial chemistry which is vital technology when drugs and medicines are developed.
In 2009, setting “Green sustainable chemistry” as EYELA’s way to go, flow reactors had begun in designing and launched for sale.

In process of developing pharmaceutical synthesis:

  1. studying synthesis of lead compound
  2. process optimization
  3. Realising machines necessary for sample synthesis of each process

In process of developing chemical synthesis:

  1. Studying conditions of organic chemical reaction 
  2. process optimization
  3. Realising machines necessary for sample synthesis of each process

EYELA has established position as a manufacturer of synthesizer.

  • Process Reactor with reaction calorimeter gauging : DDS-2000A
    This is a perfect machine when taking data for scale-up.

  • Column Flow Reactor : CCR-1100G
    This is a machine to narrow formula or condition when Hydrogenation.

In the meanwhile, for customers who are finding EYELA products and product support, EYELA keeps building sales new-work via dealers
In 2003, EYELA CO., LTD. was launched for sales operation in Shanghai.
In 2004, EYELA SINGAPORE PTE., LTD. was launched for sales operation in Singapore
In 2009, distribution warehouse opened in New York to increase service for both South and North America.

  • EYELA CO., LTD. in Shanghai