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PharmaLabJAPAN2019 July 3 to 5, 2019


Please come visit EYELA booth(Booth#A19-16).

Highlights :

  1. Spray-Freeze dryer granulation
  2. Solid-phase peptide synthesizer by microwave
  3. Demonstration of spray-dryer of SD-1010 etc.

(1)Spray-Freeze dryer granulation method is under studying into EYELA product.  

To the point of aggregability and dispersibility, Spray-Freeze dryer granulation method is superior to conventional Spray dryer / Freeze dryer / Vacuum dryer.

It is shown at EYELA booth.

Please let us know your comment and opinion about the Spray-Freeze dryer granulation method.

(2)Peptide reaction is generated by radiating microwave. Comparing to conventional method, reaction time is reduced significantly. Yield goes up !

For further detail about PharmLAB July 3 – 5 of 2019, please click the following URL.


EYELA staffs are looking forward to seeing you at  Booth#A19-16 !