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JASIS2020, Nov. 11 to 13 at Makuhari JAPAN



(1) Large amount Rotary evaporator which has A function of automatic continuous operation.  Sample re-filling and solvent-exhaust can be made without stopping.  (N-4010, N-4010W, IDU-1000)

(2) Spray & Freeze drying unit, realizing dried sample that is cellular and is pretty high in dissolubility. (SFD-1000, SDF-1100) 

(3) Freeze Dryer that is -80 degree small desk top type and has non-freon for cooling. (FDS-2000)

(4) Vacuum oven that as updated design to prevent powder sample from bowing out in oven chamber. (VOS-602SD)

(5) Incubator which equip LED light for plant growing.  (FLI-2020)


N-4010, N-4010W







SFD-1000                                                                                                                                               FDS-2000 + GCD pump